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Trace into infinity – Days of remembrance of Oliver Dragojevic refer to the week in which Vela Luka organizes concerts and exhibitions in memory of Oliver Dragojevic and his musical heritage.

29 th of July is the day when Vela Luka, and the whole world as well, remembers its townsman Oliver Dragojevic – an old sea wolf, a friend, an ordinary man, and a great musician.
In that week dedicated to his fruitful musical heritage, his friends, musicians and close family members gather in Vela Luka, his birthplace and his last resting place.
During those days, his music seems to fill the streets of Vela Luka. The locals talk about him, all with sadness in their eyes, but also with a smile, lucky to have known him personally.
Memories of him are felt in every corner, by intentional or incidental passer-by, for he has left an indelible, great and unique Trace into infinity.
In its own way, Vela Luka has found a way of sending its best regards to its Captain and seems to be telling him that everything is exactly as it should be and that all the sea is just for him.
During remembrance days, a small square in front of St Joseph’s Parish Church where Oliver himself performed every year becomes a stage that brings together Croatian and world musicians who had the pleasure of collaborating with Oliver and who have been influenced by his musical heritage.
It is a unique and unforgettable experience to watch live concerts via video wall from the boats in the bay itself, thus relieving the overcrowded square.
Ante Gelo, Alan Bjelinski, symphony orchestra and Dolphins, the musicians who had accompanied Oliver on the biggest world tours, form the standard musical lineup of Trace into Infinity. Gibonni, Zorica Kondza, Antonio Seranno, Tedi Spalato, Petar Graso, Nina Badric, Petar Dragojevic, are just some of the names we had the opportunity to listen to.
If you are a fan of Oliver's musical heritage, spend the last week of July in Vela Luka and become a part of Trace into Infinity - the days of remembrance of Oliver Dragojevic.