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22°C weather in Vela Luka, croatia

SB Kalos

Vela Luka is noted for its extremely mild climate and springs of liman, medicinal mud, which were the two main reasons for building a modern spa «Kalos» offering, based on the curative properties of mud and climate, modern medicine and technology, health treatment for many medical conditions, rehabilitation, preventive treatments and special wellness programs.

Kalos offers successful health treatments for the following:
- Chronic rheumatism – degenerative and inflammatory
- All posttraumatic conditions and musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders (affecting bones, joints, muscles, tendons and nerves)
- Posttraumatic conditions after injuries, vascular insults and diseases of the cerebrovascular system
- Painful syndromes of the neck-bone and thoracolumbar and lumbosacral parts of the spine, discopathy (lumboischialgy, brachialgy, paresis)
- Spine deformities ( kyphosis, scoliosis, hyperlordosis)
- Cerebral paralysis and other looses of ability to move caused by disease or injury in children.
- All postoperative conditions affecting musculoskeletal and connective tissue
- Nonarticular rheumatism

SPECIAL programmes in Kalos:

ANTI-STRESS programmes

- Seawater baths and hydromassage (pearl baths)
- Exercise in heated seawater swimming pools
- Inhalations of essential oils of Mediterranean flora (for smokers)
- Oil massages with virgin olive oil from Korčula
- Reflex foot massage
- Anti-stress lymph drainage
- Psychological treatments
- Group walks by the sea with professional guidance

BEAUTY programmes

- Cosmetic treatments
- Cosmetic lymph drainage
- Oil massages with virgin olive oil from Korčula
- Oil baths
- Exercise


- Treatment with liman
- Underwater massage
- Massage with essential oils
- Water gymnastics in heated seawater swimming pools

DIET programme

- Individual exercises
- Massages
- Lymph drainage
- Underwater massage
- Pearl baths
- A prescribed course of food

Website:  www.kalos.hr
E-mail:  info@kalos.hr
Phone:  +385 (0)20 755 100, +385 (0)20 812 002
Prenotation: +386 (0)20 813 017; +385 (0)20 755 447