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DAYS OF LUMBLIJA - aromatic days of autumn

The most delicious autumn manifestation, which unites kolinde tradition as guardians of memory as well as baking workshops dedicated to lumblija - an aromatic delicacy, and a symbol of Vela Luka gastronomy.
At the end of October, and particularly on All Saints' Day eve, every corner of Vela Luka basks in lumblija scent. The captivating fragrance of this autumn delicacy, of specific aroma and of excellent taste evokes memories of times past, carefree childhoods and grandma's kitchen.
Lumblija is a ritual sweet bread, an aromatic and fragrant delicacy baked on All Saints' Day eve in Vela Luka and in the western parts of Korcula island.
The custom called kolinde, where children visit their relatives and godparents and give them lumblija, almonds, tangerines, dried figs and other autumn fruits, has been cherished in Vela Luka since ancient times.
In order to preserve the tradition of our grandmothers, and introduce this ancient recipe to our visitors, with a multi-day event Stajun od lumblije (Days of Lumblija) we celebrate a centuries-old tradition of making this exquisite and superbly delicious bread - a symbol of Vela Luka gastronomy.
Lively and fragrant lumblija baking workshops also attract an increasing number of tourists, who at the end of an interesting presentation have the opportunity to make their first lumblija and bring a fragrant memory from Vela Luka to their homes.
Children in schools and kindergartens also bake lumblija and by doing so they continue nurturing this custom.
The central and final part of the event is the bake off in which the panel of expert judges chooses the best lumblija, i.e. The Golden Lumblija of Vela Luka.
If you savour autumn spices such as cloves, coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg or the secret ingredient of varenik (concentrated grape must), visit Vela Luka in late autumn and immerse all your senses in sheer delight.